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I have a tumblr at but it's not all that easy to search. Here's a web page that attempts to put some commonly asked questions into a more useful format.

From Newbie to Hypnotist

You're a complete newbie. You don't know anything about hypnosis, you have a partner who doesn't know anything about hypnosis, and you're not even sure what hypnosis is.

Here's a guide that starts you off. It tells you how to negotiate and establish consent, has a frank discussion of the risks of hypnosis, and gives you the tools you need to explore hypnosis safely, sanely,and consensually.

It's structured so that you learn the structure of a hypnosis session first, and then walks you through different inductions and styles as you get more advanced.

From Newbie to Hypnotist: A Guide to Recreational Hypnosis

Testimonials (real, unprompted!)


Hey, just wanted to say that you are literaly my hero! I used mostly your blog, the resources you hyperlinked, cross referencing with other stuff I found. But I am glad you have put so much info online, especially everything about the safety, pretalk, negotiation.

So yeah, fanboying over, thank you so much!


Can attest that your guide is fantastic and brimming with good advice and information. Between your guide and the book Mind Play, my fiance and I have been able to play around with hypnosis, and we find it incredibly addicting, in that we've done iit every night for a little over a week now. Really the main thing I'd like to do is practice the fuck out of the Elman induction.

Two weeks ago I thought hyp osi was a bunch of fake bullshit, now we're knee deep in it everyday.

Thank you for your wonderful guide!

Business Card

Don't have a partner to play with? Print out this business card and drop a few cards around your local dungeon or kink cafe.

From Newbie to Hypnotist

An Alternative History of Hypnotism

I gave a presentation on the history of hypnotism at Mindquake 2019. If you've attended the presentation, you can leave feedback.

The slides are available here.

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